New DOD Pedals

DOD: Overdrive Preamp 250 - DEMO
play The DOD Overdrive Preamp 250 is a time-proven classic. Originally appearing in grey around 40 years ago, it has been adopted by many as a great tool with which to scare the fro...

New DOD 250 Overdrive Preamp 2013 Demo

The legendary analog DOD Overdrive Preamp 250 is back, with over 40 years of history and experience behind it. The new 2013 version of the legendary DOD 250 captures all of the classic tone and wild heart of the original but in no w...

DOD Overdrive Preamp 250
play The DOD Overdrive Preamp 250 was one of the original, classic overdrive pedals, and now, 40 years after its original release, it's back and better than ever. The new Preamp 250 features the same core components ...

DOD Preamp 250 Overdrive SHOOTOUT vintage gray versus new reissue
play thanks to Buy Vintage Pedals for the loaner of the gray box DOD Pre Amp 250 OD, and to DOD / Harman for the awesome new reissue! Side by side comparison with a Stratocaster. I used my

DOD Overdrive Preamp 250 (New Version)

A reborn version of the classic overdrive. All the dynamic, open quality of the original with an improved housing and true bypass switching. Everything from low gain grind to saturated hard rock and metal sounds, all in one simple...

PedalsAndEffects: DOD Phasor 201+ Overdrive Preamp 250

DOD has come with two new reissues so far. Up first are their Phasor 201 and Overdrive Preamp 250 pedals. Both are simple, heavy duty construction and great sounding. This video was shot and edited by Scott Ward for Vato Negro Pr...

DOD Overdrive Preamp 250 & Phasor 201 - Demo

These are the newly reissued Overdrive Preamp 250 & Phasor 201 from DOD Pedals. Super awesome vintage-correct housings but with true bypass and an LED. Sick! For more info: Signal Chain: 95 Mexi Strat w/ Lace Se...

DOD Preamp 250 Overdrive Reissue demo with Kingbee Strat & Mojotone Plexi Kit Amp
play A fabulous reissue of a fabulous multi function clean boost with drive if you want it. Ten thumbs up on this one. I used an King Bee guitars relic Stratocaster, http://www.mojotone...

DOD Bifet Boost 410
play The DOD Bifet Boost 410 is a modern reissue of one of DOD's original classics; a simple, yet effective, pedal that combines 20 decibels of gritty boost with a very musical EQ for the ideal combination of punch a...

DOD Phasor 201
play The DOD Phasor 201 was one of the first compact phaser pedals ever made, and its sound set an early standard for warm, analog phase tones. On top of that, its single-knob design, in which speed and depth are con...

Review Demo - DOD Phasor 201

Click for more Review Demos: One of the first phaser effect pedals ever made, the original DOD Phasor 201, blazed the trail for all phaser pedals after it. The new DOD Phasor 201 (2013) brings the cla...

DOD: PHASOR 201 (2013 Reissue) - DEMO
play One Knob to hasten the rate, One Knob to brake it, One Knob to swoosh the tone and in the phase shift take it. Or something like that. Sorry, I couldn't help it. :) This DOD Phasor 20...

DOD PHASOR 201 reissue guitar pedal demo with SG & Blues Jr 2x10 combo
play Super lush and tasty! The new DOD Vintage Reissue Phasor-201 demoed with a Gibson SG Standard and Fender Blues Junior slammed into a Mojotone Marshall style 210 combo cabinet.

Placing DOD Phasor 201 before and after Overdrive
play The DOD Phasor 201 goes hand in hand with the DOD Overdrive preamp 250. But what is the best order to put them in? I certainly prefer to have the phasor BEFORE any overdrive pedal to make the...

DOD Phasor  201(New Version)

This is a recreation of a classic--one of the first stompbox phasers ever built. Every bit as rich and swirly as the original '70's version but with true bypass and a cooler enclosure. Yes!

Behind the Scenes DOD Overdrive PreAmp 250 & Phasor 201 Unboxing : 3P3D2013-DAY26

Enjoy this Unboxing, Behind the Scenes & 360° Tour of the brand new, reissued DOD Phasor 201 and DOD Overdrive PreAmp 250 pedals! These are new & reissued for 2013! Limited in production & supply. Check em out, and don't forget t...

DOD Phasor 201 Analog Phaser Pedal Demo - Sweetwater Sound

Get the DOD Phasor 201 here: Matt Calder from DigiTech demonstrates the DOD Phasor 201 analog phaser pedal. Enjoy the demo, then click the link above for all the details.

The Triumphant Return of the DOD Phasor/201 (2013) HD

One of the first phaser effect pedals ever made, the original DOD Phasor 201, blazed the trail for all phaser pedals after it. The new DOD Phasor 201 (2013) brings the classic analog phaser effect driven by 40+ years of tone creatin...

DOD 410 Bifet Boost

A new and improved evolution of the classic clean boost. The 410 now has a switchable buffered/true bypass so you can use it to prevent high end roll off with longer cable runs, or put it in true bypass so it can be used to drive fi...

DOD Bifet Boost 410 demo with humbuckers
play I love these reissued DOD pedals, and especially this one! So simple and powerful. From website: The Bifet Boost can deliver a huge amount of output to hit the front of your amp and drive...

DOD Bifet Boost 410 demo with single coils
play Very nice boost from DOD - this time tested with single coils into my Tone King 20th Anniversary Imperial. Contact:

DOD Compressor 280
play DOD's original Compressor 280 was a simple, great-sounding compressor pedal that was widely revered for its ease of use and warm, analog comp tones. Now the classic has returned, retaining the same great tone an...

DOD Envelope Filter 440
play DOD's modern reissue of the Envelope Filter 440 preserves the quick, funky attack of the original analog circuit while giving today's guitarist more options and improved tone preservation. This simple filter sta...

DOD 280 Comp

A new and improved version of the classic, featuring true bypass switching and 9V power jack. All the musicality of a classic opto-comp dialed in for foolproof, two-knob operation. Use it for light compression in any style, or for...

DOD 440 Envelope Filter

The rebirth of one of the most recognizable and widely used envelope filters of all time. Masterful for the funk, but highly versatile for a wide range of styles and genre. Easy to dial in with different guitars and stacks effortles...

DOD Compressor 280 : Better Leads, Funky Rhythms!

Subscribe: Enjoy some cool tips & tricks with the DOD Compressor 280 Pedal. Some uses include: - Better, more articulate soloing. - Better, more funky rhythms. - Keep the sound guy happy by controlling your...

DOD Envelope Filter 440 demo
play This is seriously some funky stuff! Lots of people have been waiting for a reissue of this little green pedal from DOD, and now it's finally here. From the webpage: The DOD Envelope Filter...

DOD Envelope Filter 440 : FUNKALICIOUS!

Subscribe: Check out the DOD Envelope Filter! Awesome, Wah style pedal! Super cool! ALL THINGS TTK: ENJOY! FACEBOOK (behind the scenes stuff) https...

DOD Compressor 280 reissue demo
play YES! This is the latest of the reissued DOD pedals. Very much unlike all of the other compressors I've tried. I like it! Contact:

DOD Boneshaker NAMM B A T  Demo

Boneshaker breaks the ice. Mark, Tom and Joe go through some variations of the DOD Boneshaker and a Randall Thrasher. Oh the humanity!

DOD Envelope Filter 440 bass demo
play The reissued DOD 440, this time with bass. Funkalicious! Recorded with a Epiphone Jack Casaday straight in to my interface, then amp designer i Logic Pro X. Contact:

NAMM 2014: DOD Pedals

Scott from DigiTech talks us through the new DOD pedals at winter Namm 2014. Head over to for the latest DigiTech releases and product news.

DOD OVERDRIVE PREAMP 250 and DOD PHASOR 201 : 3P3D2013-DAY 26 ~ 30 Pedals 30 Days

SORRY for the singing. Hope I don't receive too much HATE comments for my singing. I tried, and challenge you all to try too! It was fun -- and the best part -- the Phasor Guitar Tone was AWESOME!!! For those more forgiving -- I...

MYLETS & PedalsAndEffects

Henry Kohen, aka Mylets, came through 5starr Sound Labs to demo his use of pedals and effects. Here in part two, Henry reviews his pedalboard and how he uses it in his music. Digitech, DOD, Line6 and many other pedals are covered ...

JamMan Vocal XT

DigiTech JamMan Vocal XT - Tess Comrie "Morning"

The DigiTech® JamMan® Vocal XT is exploding on the scene! Here is a captivating video featuring Tess Comrie and her song “Morning”. In it, Tess utilizes the JamMan Vocal XT to create stunning backing vocals that add atmospheric dept...

TRIO Band Creator

Santa Clara - DigiTech TRIO Demo

Santa Clara trying out the DigiTech TRIO Band Creator Pedal for the first time. Santa Clara is a pop artist from Canada signed to Prodigy Music Group Ltd. Find Santa Clara at

Rocking out with the Digitech TRIO Pedal

CoopDeVille Records guitarist Marc Cooper is having a bunch of fun with the coolest pedal he has come across in years. "This pedal is unlike anything I have ever played before...!" The TRIO band creator, when you plug your guitar i...

Playing Blues with the Digitech TRIO

CoopDeVille Records guitarist Marc Cooper is having a bunch of fun with the coolest pedal he has come across in years. "This pedal is unlike anything I have ever played before...!" The TRIO band creator, when you plug your guitar i...

another 3 rock progressions with the TRIO

Marc Cooper was asked to do some heavier rock grooves using the Digitech TRIO pedal. If you are watching for the first time the TRIO Band Creator is a new pedal that LEARNS what you are playing and then on completion of your progres...

Getting funky with the Digitech TRIO pedal

CoopDeVille Records guitarist Marc Cooper is having a bunch of fun with the coolest pedal he has come across in years. "This pedal is unlike anything I have ever played before...!" The TRIO band creator, when you plug your guitar i...

DigiTech® TRIO - Featuring Jason Zerbin

The TRIO is your own band inside a guitar pedal! See and hear Jason Zerbin (of the band Zerbin) walk you through using the DigiTech TRIO as a songwriting tool. The TRIO listens to the way you play and automatically generates bas...

DigiTech® TRIO Band Creator Introduction

Introducing the DigiTech TRIO. The TRIO is your own band inside a guitar pedal! The TRIO listens to the way you play and automatically generates bass and drum parts that match your song. Just plug your guitar into TRIO, press the f...

DigiTech® TRIO Band Creator - WholeWorldBand

DigiTech and WholeWorldBand are all about collaboration and this video shows the magic that can happen when musicians and technology come together. The DigiTech TRIO Band Creator pedal listens to what is played and automatically ge...

The Future of Music Creation, Collaboration and Commerce Part 1

A panel of music and technology experts came together at the 2015 NAMM Show to discuss the future of music creation and the collaboration process. This video features Peter Lupini of HARMAN Canada explaining the conception of the Di...

The Future of Music Creation, Collaboration and Commerce Part 2

In the 2nd part of this video series, the panel discusses content creation, recording music on tour and at home, independent artists and their interaction. Warning: some strong language is used. Over the past 25 years, we've seen r...

The Future of Music Creation, Collaboration and Commerce Part 3

In the 3rd part of this video series, the panel discusses how technology is augmenting the creation of music, artists becoming more interactive with their audiences through computing device enhancements, music being more than just a...

The Future of Music Creation, Collaboration and Commerce Part 4

In the 4th and final part of this video series, the panel wraps up discussing revenue, publishing and promotional value aspects of making music, monetizing music, bands working with brands and pushing the limits of creativity throug...


Novità dal NAMM 2015 - Trio DigiTech - Il pedale che garantisce al chitarrista l'accompagnamento completo con parte di basso e batteria, divisibile per strofa - ponte - ritornello. Perfetto per studenti e insegnanti e per esercitar...

NAMM 2015 - Digitech Trio

Guitar World stops by the Digitech booth to check out some new gear at the 2015 Winter NAMM show!

Digitech Trio Guitar Pedal Demo at Namm 2015 - Creates Backing Tracks In Real Time As You Play

The Digitech Trio is an innovative new pedal which analyses what you are playing and creates backing tracks on the fly. Choose from different playing styles and tempos. A fantastic pedal for home practice or solo live performances...

DigiTech Trio Band Creator Pedal Review by Sweetwater Sound

Get the DigiTech Trio Band Creator pedal here: As a guitarist, you spend a fair amount of time alone practicing, writing, and honing your craft - necessary, but not always exciting. ...

Digitech TRIO Band Creator
play This is the Digitech TRIO, a groundbreaking pedal that can listen to your guitar playing, and then automatically generate musically appropriate drum and bass parts, providing you with an instant backing ban...

DigiTech® TRIO play with ukulele

TRIO意思是三重奏, 你先彈一段和弦進行, TRIO就幫你自動搭配BASS與鼓, 測試一下! 練習時候不無聊!加入TRIO的樂團

DigiTech Trio – in use +++

• automated bass and drum parts • 7 music genres • 12 Styles per genre • up to 3 parts can be learned and stored • adjustable tempo • bass and drum level controls • connector for optional DigiTech FS3X footswitch unit • built-in gui...

DigiTech Trio - Band Creator

Leggi la recensione: Il DigiTech Trio trasforma il famoso software Band In A Box in un pedale a misura di chitarrista, capace di imparare gli accordi suonati dal musicista e tradurli in un'o...

Daniel Lapp Teaches the DigiTech Trio with a Fiddle

In this video, Daniel Lapp tries out a few DigiTech pedals including a Trio, a Whammy DT, and a Hardwire SC-2 Valve Distortion pedal. Canadian musician Daniel Lapp is renowned as a fiddler, trumpeter, singer, and teacher. He is cu...

Bass Whammy

DigiTech® Bass Whammy™ Featuring Branden Campbell of Neon Trees

The DigiTech® Bass Whammy™ is back and changing the way many bass players throw down! Branden Campbell of Neon Trees fame shows off the Bass Whammy and discusses using it on tour. The Bass Whammy is available now! FInd out more here...

Review Demo - DigiTech Bass Whammy

To read the review, visit: Just about every bassist and guitarist on the planet has regretted letting go of a particular piece of gear at one time or another, be it a vintage amp or instrument...

Digitech Bass Whammy Demo

Hey everybody! Just got the new Digitech Bass Whammy in the mail today. Thought I would throw a quick video up showcasing some of the different sounds. The distortion I'm using is the sans amp GT2. Thanks for watching and don't forg...

DigiTech Bass Whammy Demo with Jonni Lightfoot

The next generation Bass Whammy uses the most advanced pitch detection and polyphonic note tracking technology to create the world's best pitch shifting effect pedal optimized for bass. The Bass Whammy maintains the classic settings...

DigiTech Bass Whammy Pedal Demo - Sweetwater Sound

Get the Bass Whammy here: Matt Caulder from DigiTech demonstrates the Bass Whammy pedal. Check out the demo, then click the link above to learn even more about the DigiTech Bass Wha...

Demo: The Updated Bass Whammy Pedal by Digitech

Digitech has done it again! After the cult Bass Whammy continued to have eBay success, Digitech got wise and updated it, gave it better tracking and overall sound and added intervals including the 10th! This video was shot and edit...

Digitech Bass Whammy (Part-2) Andy Irvine

Digitech Bass Whammy (Part-2) Andy Irvine

DigiTech Bass Whammy

Další generace Bass Whammy používá nejmodernější technologie v oblasti polyfonie a detekce výšky not speciálně optimalizované pro použití ve spodních frekvenčních pásmech.

Live Harmony

DigiTech Vocalist Live Harmony featuring Ryan Innes

Amazing artist Ryan Innes performs "Love You Now" showcasing the DigiTech® Vocalist Live Harmony. The Live Harmony instantly adds up to two separate harmonies to your vocals, transforming your vocal performances into harmony-filled ...

Tim Langley Vocalist Live Harmony Demo

Tim Langley of Santa Clara plays through the Vocalist Live Harmony by DigiTech. The Live Harmony is a live performance intelligent vocal harmony processor. You can add up to two additional voices of harmony, from an octave above to ...

Digitech Live Harmony Vocalist FX

Hannah and Rabea showcase the Digitech Live Harmony pedal and show how versatile it is. The Digitech Live Harmony is an intelligent vocal effect that emulates harmonising back vocalists by taking your vocal and reproducing it at th...

DigiTech Vocalist Live Harmony

The Live Harmony instantly adds up to two separate vocal harmonies to your vocals transforming your performances into harmony-filled masterpieces. Just plug a guitar and a microphone into the Vocalist Live Harmony, then start playin...

Sophia Dion performing w/ DigiTech Live Harmony [NAMM 2014]

Vocalist Live Harmony Demo: Live Adapt & Sound Check by DigiTech

Matt Calder shows off the new Live Adapt and Sound Check features in DigiTech's Live Harmony, Live Performance Vocal Harmony and Effect Processor. The Live Harmony automatically generates up to 2 additional voices of harmony based ...

NAMM '14 - DigiTech Vocalist Live Harmony Demo


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