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Whammy DT
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DigiTech Gear

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Bryan Baker uses:
  • Whammy DT Amazing design, perfect effect. It's a part of my particular sound, it's how I am able to do what I do.
  • RP500
  • CM-2
  • HT-6

Bryan Baker

Frontman for the La based rock band, Black Baptista. Debut album, "Thread The Needle" released summer 2011. Tours as a solo artist in both the US and abroad in the rock and jazz genres. Bryan Baker, a guitarist, singer, and songwriter who has, since the age of 13, amazed, awed, inspired and overwhelmed audiences, editors, reviewers and fans worldwide. Bryan’s mastery of the instrument, his evolved, innovative and supremely unique style of playing, has this artists reach and impact within the music industry increasing with every performance and musical project. From the soulful, bluesy vibe of his work, his hard, intense, guitar-based rock style, his prowess of improvisational jazz to Bryan’s fully computer driven electronic compositions, there simply isn’t a musician, let alone a musician who has been composing, arranging and performing with this range and expanse of musical experience as Bryan Baker.