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Whammy DT + FS3X Bundle
Whammy DT - Red - Classic pitch shifting with drop and raised tuning - Hero
FS3X 3-Button Footswitch - Black - 3-Button Footswitch - Hero
Whammy DT + FS3X Bundle

Whammy DT + FS3X Bundle

We've taken the premier pitch shifting effects pedal added drop tuning and true bypass to bring you the ultimate Whammy pedal, the Whammy DT. With the Whammy DT, you can modify your tuning without having to change guitars or pause awkwardly to make adjustments for the next song. Key changes are at the tips of your toes and take just moments, which is crucial when the audience is feeling your vibe. Pitch shifting effects really help your guitar performance stand out and the Whammy pedal has been the core pitch shifting effect for famous artists for over 20 years. Now add full drop and raised tuning in addition to classic Whammy shifting to your effects arsenal and find out why the Whammy DT is the premiere pitch shifting effects pedal for every guitarist. This specially priced bundle also includes the FS3X 3-Button Footswitch for additional hands-free control. Buy the Whammy DT and FS3X together in this bundle and save!


Whammy DT + FS3X Bundle


Whammy DT

Classic pitch shifting with drop and raised tuning

$399.99399.99 each
Quantity: 1
FS3X 3-Button Footswitch

3-Button Footswitch

$59.9959.99 each
Quantity: 1

$436.98436.98 $459.98 Save $23