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    A Lot Like Birds

    A Lot Like Birds is a post-hardcore band from Sacramento, CA, known for their tendency to flawlessly blend a wide array of genres; from ambient sou...

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    Aaron Chabak/Fiction Reform

    FICTION REFORM is a rock band playing Punk Inspired, Pop Oriented tunes. The band consists of four experienced musicians who have toured, recorded,...

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    Ace / Skunk Anansie

    Skunk Anansie played its first gig at London's Splash club in March 1994, subsequently taking six weeks to record its debut album, Paranoid and Sun...

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    Adam Ross / Rihanna

    Los Angeles-based musician Adam Ross is busy as a touring and session guitarist. He is currently touring with Rihanna (Def Jam Records). Previous t...

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    Advent Horizon

    Advent Horizon is a high energy Progressive Rock band from Salt Lake City, Utah. Their music combines impressive instrumentation with catchy vocal ...

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    Agata / Melt-Banana

    Ichirou Agata, often known simply as Agata, is the guitarist for the Japanesenoise rock band Melt-Banana.[1] Agata is known particularly for his fu...

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    Al Anderson

    It starts with a beat born of the heart that moves forward the feet and the soul, one that traces its roots back to the dawn of humans on this plan...

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    Alan Wallace / Eminence

    Since they were founded in Belo Horizonte/Brazil by the guitarist Alan Wallace in January 1995, the members of Eminence have been riding high in th...

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    Aleks Sever

    Aleks Sever is a phenomenally gifted guitarist and composer who is attracting an enthusiastic and rapidly growing audience, both in the US and Euro...

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    Alex in Wonderland

    Started playing the guitar at the age of 17. HAd my first band Deadlock, we won a band contest and got to play support for ZZ Top and James Brown. ...

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    Andres Osorio

    I started playing at the age of nine and I studied at the "Academia Latinoamericana de Guitarra" where I took classical music training for four yea...

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    Andrew Wayne / Aurin

    Aurin began as a vision of guitarist Andrew Wayne in 2002. Andrew's goal was to write music that appealed to the mind, heart, soul, and emotions of...

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    Anth Purdy’s Swing Jazz Guitar

    Playing guitar from the age of 15, music has always been my passion, but it is the love and admiration of the music from the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’...

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    Anthony Terrezza

    Guitarist (electric/acoustic, rhythm/solo), Producer, Composer, Songwriter, melodic Bassist and smooth sounding Vocalist - Anthony plays all styles...

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    Aubrey Jones/For The Broken

    For The Broken is a purpose-driven hard rock band based in Kansas City. Delivering a straight forward, “punch-you-in-the-face” sound that features ...

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    I play drums for AWOLNATION. My first instrument is guitar though. I've been recording since age 14 instead of having a thriving social life. If I'...

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    Axel Ritt - GRAVE DIGGER

    Axel “Ironfinger“ Ritt got his hands on the guitar for the very first time at the age of 12. His first musical influences were the british masters ...