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    Echo Arcadia

    It has taken two years for the Edinburgh post­punk revival septet to ferment their debut album; to rush it, would have been a mistake. Formed from ...

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    Einar Aarnes/ Karnival Korpus

    Einar is the bass player and founding member of the Norwegian rock band Karnival Korpus. Here you can read and see what Einar is up to in the music...

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    Ethan Meixsell

    One listen to guitarist Ethan Meixsell is all it takes to understand why he is one of the most exciting guitarists in the NY area. He has developed...

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    Ever Dead

    All About The Dead . Ever Dead was founded due to a number of bands not working out as planned so they put their heads together to blow yours apart...

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    Formed in 1991, when the band's sole remaining founding member Matt Harvey was at the tender age of 15, Exhumed spent much of the ensuing decade ha...