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    Manguss, born Daniele Cagnotto, is an italian self-taught guitar player, songwriter, arranger and occasionally singer, bass player and fx programme...

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    Mark Claytor

    Started playing back in 1988. Loved all the "Shred" players of that era, my Dad introduced me to the "Blues" and I gained a appreciation for the gr...

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    Maurice Pringle

    Accomplished guitarist/vocalist Maurice Pringle has been the quintessential musician for the past twenty years. He has not only worked closely with...

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    we are a post-hardcore/ ambiant band reining from the midst of oklahoma.

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    Michael Ahern Band

    Michael John Ahern (MJ) is an Emmy nominated songwriter heard around the world on country, blues and Americana radio. Ben Fong-Torres, editor and w...

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    Michael Anthony Maritnez / Chosen By Sin

    Metal Guitarist From Deep South East Texas

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    Michael Dwyer/Rocky Kramer band

    If you see a tall biker with a bass guitar strapped on his back, it just may be Michael Dwyer on his way to a gig. The Green Bay, Wisconsin native ...

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    Mike Longworth

    Biography : Mike Longworth began his musical endeavor at around the age of 16. Born and raised in Massachusetts he was influenced by bands like ear...

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    Mike Love

    Revolutionary music may seem hard to come by in these days and times. Long gone is the era of artists like Bob Marley, The Clash, Stevie Wonder and...

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    Mike Orlando - Adrenaline Mob/Sonic Stomp/A Beautiful Disaster

    Artist Bio: Mike Orlando www.mikeorlandomusic.com www.twitter.com/mikeorlando1 www.youtube.com/mikeorlandomusic www.facebook.com/mikeorlandomusic w...

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    Mike Tarara

    “Mike is under a tree in the quad, he’s on a deck outside the margarita bar, he’s on stage at the pavillion, he’s sitting on your couch in the livi...

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    Mirella Sanchez / Stand Volume

    STAND VOLUME - Rock Trio - formed in 2010 by Mirella Sanchez the song writer, lead singer, guitarist of the band began writing music as a young c...

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    Monkeys Unkle

    Monkeys Unkle is a ROCK band with four members. Tracey Roberts:Lead Vocals. Kevin Mcneil on Drums/Voclas. Rob Myer on Bass/Vocals. And Mickey Lytel...

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    moonvoice is the project of singer/producer Chris Michael. new album this summer.

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    Muhammad Setyo Abdi / Slava

    A indonesi guitarist whose experties are based on music rock modern, progresiv, clasic, pop and has a touch of metal to his playing style. He had b...