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    Page Hamilton/ HELMET/David Bowie/Band of Susans

    Page Hamilton is the founding member and singer/songwriter/guitarist of the highly influential hard rock band Helmet. He's also worked with artists...

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    Patrick DeCoste

    “Like U2 but with Van Halen-esque solos”: That’s how the media has described the instrumental rock of guitarist Patrick DeCoste. In the great tradi...

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    Paul Crook / Meat Loaf

    "The most perfect guitar processor on the market with the most accurate speaker simulation I ever hear. It feels like I'm playing through an amp. "...

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    Paul Richards / California Guitar Trio

    California Guitar Trio (CGT) is a band of three guitar players founded in 1991. The three—Paul Richards of Salt Lake City, Utah, Bert Lams of Affli...

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    Pete Anderson

    Long considered one of the world’s best-of-the-best Tele-twangers, musical pioneer Pete Andersonhas never been satisfied with maintaining the statu...

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    Phil X

    Theofilos Xenidis, better known as Phil X (born 10 March 1966), is a Canadian [1] guitarist and co-founder of the Los Angeles-based turbo pop band ...

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    Powerman 5000, Stabbing Westward/The Dreaming, Kerli

    National/international, multi-platinum, established touring band.

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    PPL MVR explores myth and mystery through hefty guitar riffs and transmogrified vocals.

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    Prashant Aswani

    Performed and recorded with Justin Timberlake, Christina Milian, Herbie Hancock, Greg Howe, many other. Currently releasing my 4th solo album with ...

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    Prita’s unique sound is ‘Hip-So-Fo’. It combines her love of Hip-Hop, Soul and Folk with the use of a live loop pedal and effortlessly layers funky...

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    Prophecy Eighty-Six

    We are Prophecy Eighty-Six, a small town band from Pomeroy, OH. We play a wide variety of genres spanning from blues to metal. come check us out an...

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    Release Psicofone Born on November 3, 2011, named Ana Jonnes, was intended to publicize the work of solo vocals and guitar Spozitto Lu, joining th...