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Anth Purdy’s Swing Jazz Guitar

Playing guitar from the age of 15, music has always been my passion, but it is the love and admiration of the music from the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s that inspired me to write and perform in what became Anth Purdy’s Swing Jazz Guitar Act. These eras produced some of the greatest music ever written by some of the best
musicians and Anth Purdy’s Swing Jazz Guitar captures the sounds and styles to bring this wonderful music back to life.
All original material, my collection includes guitar instrumentals in the styles ranging from Swing, Western Swing, Gypsy Jazz and the sounds of the 50’s. I have been influenced by early guitar greats as Les Paul, Charlie Christian, T Bone Walker, Django Rienhardt and Hank Garland to name a few.
A unique act with its roots in the early guitar greats.


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