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Formed in 1991, when the band’s sole remaining founding member Matt Harvey was at the tender age of 15, Exhumed spent much of the ensuing decade hacking its way through numerous line-ups, demos, split CDs, and Eps. The band finally recorded their debut album, the genre-(re)defining and critic-repulsing “Gore Metal” in 1998. The album crystallized the “old-school Death Metal meets full-on Grindcore with the spirit of Thrash” sound forged with their last demo and first split CD (1994’s “Horrific Expulsion of Gore” and 1996’s “In the Name of Gore” respectively). This led to the band’s first US tour and American festival appearances (their only previous out of California shows had been 9 dates in central Europe in 1997 with Hemdale supporting “In the Name of Gore”). The band continued to morph line-ups with the release of the back-to-basics sophomore record “Slaughtercult” in 2001. The album blatantly blended the band’s brutal cult-thrash influences into its sonic meat-grinder. “Slaughtercult” allowed the band to do three US tours, and their first proper European tour, including co-headlining festivals like Fuck the Commerce and Obscene Extreme. 2001 also found Exhumed at the Wacken Open Air festival and in Japan for the first time. The band evolved further with their third album, 2003’s “Anatomy is Destiny” which added more sophisticated arrangements, production and instrumentation into the Gore Metal formula. After the departure of the band’s co-founder, drummer Col Jones the same year, the band issued a massive 2CD compilation of their early recordings, appropriately dubbed “Platters of Splatter”. After touring all over America, Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia and even Iceland, the band realigned its personnel yet again, notably adding guitarist Wes Caley and the re-enlisting bassist/vocalist Leon DelMuerte. The re-vamped line-up released an album of cover versions called “Garbage Daze Re-Regurgitated” in 2005 which was intended as a stopgap release before album #4. Work was also undertaken on a DVD with live footage and documentary material, but the band’s dissolution in ’05 left the project in limbo. After six years away from the scene and numerous other projects, Harvey, Caley, and del Muerte teamed up with drummer Danny Walker, who had toured with the band during the “Anatomy…” era to finally excrete a new album, “All Guts, No Glory” in 2011. The album has met with critical praise and an onslaught of enthusiastically-received live shows in Europe and America this year, including Maryland Death Fest, Hell Fest in France, Neurotic Death Fest in Holland, Party San Open Air in Germany and many, many more. 2011 finds the band at the top of their game, delivering their strongest album to date and ready to masticate and expectorate all comers.


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  • GSP1101 I love this preamp! I have used it on many world tours and it has the best tone I have ever heard, and is so versatile. I sold all my amps and pedals! It's VERY reliable too. I've never had any issues with it. Thanks!