• DL-8
  • RV-7
  • Whammy DT

Page Hamilton/ HELMET/David Bowie/Band of Susans

Page Hamilton is the founding member and singer/songwriter/guitarist of the highly influential hard rock band Helmet. He’s also worked with artists as diverse as Joe Henry and Ben Neill, as well as playing lead guitar on David Bowie’s Hours tour. Prior to forming Helmet, Page played in Band Of Susans and worked with influential avant-garde composer Glenn Branca’s orchestra. He is also a prolific contributor of music to film, with credits including Heat, Titus, Saw and Catwoman.


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Page Hamilton/ HELMET/David Bowie/Band of Susans uses:
  • DL-8 I can already hear a use for the reverse setting live on a Helmet song called Driving Nowhere… great reverse delay sound in a pedal AND tap tempo. Yes!
  • RV-7
  • Whammy DT I've always loved the DigiTech Whammy for solos, drop tune, detuned, pitch bendy stuff; it was also what Charlie Clouser and I used writing/recording the verses for "Enemies" from "Size Matters". The new Whammy DT is more in tune and easier to sing with live...