Rejyna is a composer, lyricist, guitarist, vocalist, performer and studio artist who has worked in all types of bands and musical genres. Being a fan of fantasy and science fiction and influenced by metal, progressive rock, new age, folk, bluegrass, jazz, flamenco, classical and world music styles, the songs that she writes can end up just about anywhere on the genre map. When she is playing with a band, she meshes unique hooks and phrases into the sound making each song sound like it is from a different artist using voice, acoustic 6 and 12 string guitars, mandolins, autoharps, bass guitars and midi guitars. When she is playing solo with her JamMan looper rig and a Vocalist harmonizer, she creates a full, natural sounding sonic presentation that comes across like more than one person is playing and singing. Using innovative musical technology to achieve a full band sound without using pre-recorded backing tracks, Rejyna sings and plays guitar and drums, evoking lush, compositions built in layers in front of the live audience. Her solo live release (Solo Sojourn Live) and solo studio CD ‘IDIO’ can both be found on CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Napster and many other online sites. Her lyrics are about finding or rediscovering oneself, believing in oneself, hanging on to our dreams and hopes, and treating the world and others around us with compassion and encouragement. Due in great part to her insatiable appetite for cutting edge technology, Rejyna has also worked in the film, video, audio, publishing, broadcast, architecture and electronics industries. Rejyna believes that music is an invisible drug that has the potential to heal everyone. Rejyna on the Web:


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