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    Whammy DT
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    JamMan Delay
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Rikk Beatty

23 year guitar veteran Rikk Beatty has toured the world playing guitar in his 3 piece instrumental band “The Rikk Beatty Band” and doing guitar clinics for companies like DigiTech, Orange Amplifiers, DBZ Guitars and Ampeg. His 8th album was released in 2011 titled “No Vocals Allowed” which features allot of great DigiTech gear like the RP1000, GSP1101, WH-4 Whammy and the JamMan Delay.


Artist Website

DigiTech Gear

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Rikk Beatty uses:
  • RP1000 It allows me to route all my effects where they need to go in amp AND allows me to keep the original tone of my amplifier while adding only what I need at that particular moment in the song.
  • Whammy DT
  • JamMan Delay
  • GSP1101