• Whammy (4th Gen)

Sean H. /Smash Mouth

Sean H. is a multi-talented musician and producer. Originally from Israel where he started as a session guitarist and sound engineer, he worked with all the top artists. This inspired him to reach for even greater heights in the international music scene. Currently in Los Angeles, California, Sean is an outstanding guitarist who has had the pleasure of co-writing, producing, recording and touring with such top-echelon artists as Smash Mouth, Chris Wallace, Judith Hill, Anna Nalick, Caitlyn Taylor Love, and many others. Sean is passionate, energetic and generous of spirit as a guitarist, bassist, producer and writer. He is ever the consummate professional whose trademark attention to detail provides the perfect polish to any performance. Sean’s style is crisp and precise, and has been described as exceptionally well-crafted.


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  • Whammy (4th Gen) This is my favorite pedal!!! It brings so much variety to my playing. I use it in every show, mo matter who I'm playing with!!!