RP2000 (discontinued)

Guitar Processor

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The RP2000 is more than the most comprehensive guitar processor you'll ever play through. It's a whole new experience. Experience that comes with living on the cutting edge. The RP2000 is modern technology colliding with vintage tonality. Beneath the sleek exterior of the stainless steel chassis lies the versatility of authentic amp modeling, pickup modeling, acoustic modeling, and a cornucopia of the best effects that a processing giant like DigiTech has to offer. Not only will the RP2000 take you to new levels of tone with ease, but you'll reach new levels of skill with learning tools like Learn-A-Lick, and Rhythm Trainer. And you can transfer your new experience to tape without losing a bit through the Digital Output. There has never been a guitar system like the RP2000, but you wouldn't expect any less from a company like DigiTech.

DigiTech puts the power, control, and flexibility into one convenient package providing you with a vehicle capable of enhancing your creativity, honing your skills, and concentrating on your music.       



A/D Converter 24 bit
D/A Converter 24 bit
Sampling Rate 44.1 kHz
DSP Section Dual DSP architecture with true 24-Bit stereo processing @ 128 Million Instructions Per Second (MIPS)
Input 1/4" TS
Output 1/4" TS
Frequency Response Dry 20 Hz. -- 20 kHz. +0, -3 dB
Signal to Noise Ratio Greater than 95 dB; ref = max signal, 22kHz measurement bandwidth
Preset Memory Factory: 64 Presets User: 64 Presets in battery-backed RAM
Power Supply PS0920
Power Consumption 12 watts
Dimensions Length 17.25" Width 8.5" Height 3"
Unit Weight 7.1 lbs.



RP2000 FAQs

How do I reinitialize the RP2000?
The reinitialization procedure will return everything (including user presets) back to the original factory settings. Hold in the RHYTHM button while turning the power ON. Hold the button until the display shows all X's. Finally, press the FX Mode button. Your RP2000 will briefly read 'RESET' and will then prompt you to re-calibrate the expression pedal. When the display reads 'TOE UP' rock the pedal all the back and press the #3 footswitch. When the display reads 'TOE DN' rock the pedal all the way forward and press the #2 footswitch. Your RP2000 is now reinitialized.
How do I scroll DOWN through the banks or programs? The bank button only goes up.
Press and HOLD the bank button to scroll down. Press and RELEASE the bank button to scroll up.
How can volume discrepencies between red and green channel be alleviated?
Adjust the Amp level parameter for each channel individually.
I am using my RP2000 with an external amp. It sounds noisy and not very good. What can I do do make it sound better or less noisy?
One problem with using an RP2000 and an external amp, are the AMP models and Cabinet emulation settings in the RP2000. If these are on, you may have undesirable results when listening through a guitar amp or pre-amp etc. You can turn the models off and still use the digital effects. This is best used with an effects loop of the amp in question. If you want to hear the RP2000 at it's best, you may want to listen to it through headphones or turn off the models.
I just purchased an RP2000. I heard that there was a new upgrade chip. Is this true? What does the update do?
The upgrade is not a crucial one. If you want to upgrade to 1.4 it will be neccessary to have you send in your RP2000 as it would require a different treadle pedal. The update is simply an E-prom however, this would cause your existing pedal to stop working. If you decide to upgrade you will need to call us for a return authorization #.
Digitech Repair (801) 566-8800.
My RP2000 has power but there is no sound coming out. What's going on?
It sounds like the incorrect power supply is being used. This happens a lot. The correct power supply is the PS0920 which has an AC output. Most other power supplies have a DC output. Without the correct supply, the unit will power up, but will not produce any sound. A replacement can be purchased at http://outlet.digitech.com

RP2000 (discontinued)

Guitar Processor


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