RP200A (discontinued)

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Featuring presets created by today's hottest guitarists. At the heart of the RP200A Artist is our own AudioDNA™ super chip, offering you the tones of the greatest vintage and modern Amps ever made, acoustic guitar simulation, and a host of programmable effects (up to 11 simultaneously).

The 6-character display and knob-matrix based user interface provide simple, straight-forward editing. Up to 3 adjustable parameters per effect give you the flexibility to create the exact sound you're looking for. the built-in expression pedal lets you control your choice of parameters when performing live onstage.

The Drum Machine is a great tool for improving your timing, rehearsing different musical styles, or just jamming with friends. The Drum Machine plays sampled drum beats in an infinite loop allowing you to select different patterns, change tempo, and adjust the volume level. And the Chromatic Tuner lets you quickly check or tune your instrument to one of 4 different tuning references.



Input 1/4" TS
Output 1 - 1/4" Stereo TRS
A/D/A 24 bit Delta Sigma
Power Supply 9 VAC, 1.3A (PS0913B)
Power Consumption 6.8 Watts
Preset Memory 40 User Artist/40 Factory Artist/40 Factory
Effects Pickup Simulator,Wah, Compressor,Amp Modeling,Acoustic Guitar Simulator, 3 band EQ, Noise Gate, Cabinet Modeling, Mic Placement, Chorus, Flange, Phaser,Tremolo, Panner,Vibrato, Rotary Speaker,AutoYa™,YaYa™, SynthTalk™, Enveloped Filter, Pitch Shift, Detun
Drum Machine 30 Patterns
Simultaneous Effects up to 11
Dimensions 8.5" L x 10" W x 2.25" H
Unit Weight 3 lbs.




Hi, I have an RP200. But last time I tried to connect its dc power supply to another pedal and since that it doesn't work any more. I would like to know if there is a way I could aquire another power supply or can I replace it with a similar kind? What is the correct power supply or adapter for the RP200?
The RP200 requires a very specific power adapter. The adapter has an AC output rather than DC. The RP200 will NOT work with a standard DC adapter. The correct model # is PS0913B-120. The retail price is $24.95. You should be able to purchase one from your local Digitech Dealer. Or, if you prefer, this part can be purchased directly from Digitech by calling (801)566-8800. You may, instead, send a check or money order to the address below. Be sure to indicate which part you're requesting in your letter.

Harman Music Group
8760 South Sandy Parkway
Sandy, UT 84070

This part can also be purchased online at our new e-commerce site. Point your browser to the site below:


My expression pedal does not seem to respond correctly. What can I do?
The first thing to try is a pedal calibration. Start with the unit off.
1) Disconnent the PS0913B power supply from the power jack on the RP200
2) Press and hold the UP Footswitch while reconnecting the power.
3) Continue to hold the UP Footswitch until the Display reads TOE DN.
4) Rock the Expression Pedal forward to the toe down position.
5) Press either footswitch and the Display now shows TOE UP.
6) Rock the Expression Pedal back to the toe up position.
7) Press either Footswitch. The RP200 will return to the last selected Preset and the Expression Pedal is now Calibrated.
How do I reset and calibrate the pedal on the RP200?
RP200 off.
Put the expression pedal in the 1/2 way position.
Press and hold the Select button.
Power up.
When RST ? appears in the display, let go of Select and press/release the Store button
The display should say Reset.
When the display reads Toe DN, put the expression pedal down like stepping on the gas pedal of a car.
Press and release either the Up or the Down footswtch.
Display reads Toe Up.
Bring the pedal up.
Press/release one of the Up/Down footswitches.
Unit will go back to program mode.
How do I relocate a preset?
Dial up the desired preset.
Modify if desired.
Press Store twice.
Use Up/Down footswitches to go to the new location.
Press and release Store.
The preset is now relocated.

Also available from worldwide distributors.