Studio 100 (discontinued)

Multi-Effects Processor

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If only everything in life were as simple to use and sound as good. The Digitech Studio Series S100 multi-effects processor gives you studio quality effects with a price tag that is "wallet-friendly" to any pocket book.

The easy to use interface lets you utilize the power of the dual-engine processors that are located under the hood of the S100. These dual engines allow you to use any one of the 5 different effect routing configurations to satisfy any application. The S100 is also MIDI In and Footswitch controllable, so program changes can be done on the fly.

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Studio 100 FAQs

Can the S100 be used as two seperate processors?
Yes, by selecting the dual mono input configuration. The left input will feed effect engine one and the right input will feed effect engine two.
Is each effect engine outputing a stereo signal?
Yes, according to the effect configuration. The outputs are summed together (maintaining their respective stereo images) before being sent to the S100's outputs.
I was wondering, what are the advantages of the Digitech S200 compared to the S100?

The S200 has a few more features than the S100. The S200 has a larger display, a De-Esser effect and slightly different presets. The S200 also has more control available through MIDI commands beyond program changes. The footswitch can be configured on the S200 as to what it will control whereas the S100's footswitch control is limited to program up, down and bypass.

Studio 100 (discontinued)

Multi-Effects Processor


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