Vocalist VR (discontinued)

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There are a lot of harmony processors out there, however the patented DigiTech harmony algorithm is the only one capable of maintaining the characteristics of the human voice. Whether you need harmonies for a live performance, your new CD, or just a demo tape, the DigiTech® VR is up to the job. The VR lets you choose between Chordal or Scalic Harmonies, select the key and scale, determine whether the harmonies are below or above your voice, assign individual mix levels for your voice and the harmonies, add warm reverbs, and much more.


Sampling Rate 16 bit A/D conversion @ 44.1 KHz
Frequency Response Dry 20 - 20KHz
Signal to Noise Ratio >92 dB A weighted
Power Supply 9.75 VAC, 820 mA, or 9VAC, 1A
Dimensions 19" W x 1.75" H x 5.75" D
Unit Weight 4 lb



Vocalist VR FAQs

I don't understand the different modes. Please explain.
There are many ways to incorporate your VR into your setup. Scalic mode is for determining specific key signatures and choosing between 4 major or 4 different minor set scales for the harmonies to be based on. This way it is almost automatic, yet appropriate for that key and scale. This is most effective when singing melodic lines and desiring the harmonies to follow more directly to the melody. Notes mode is useful for having the VR choose exactly the harmonies you tell it to in real time by sending the appropriate MIDI note information. For example, when you play a MIDI note, the harmony will be pitched to that exact note. Chordal mode is useful for padded background vocal harmonies, such as ones used in the chorus section of a song, or when thick backup style harmonies are needed to only be set to specific intervals, or chords, in that key signature. These chords can be a preset or determined by MIDI note information sent to the Vocalist.

Vocalist VR (discontinued)


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