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DOD Looking Glass Overdrive

TRIO+ Band Creator + Looper

The DigiTech TRIO+ listens and learns the chords and rhythm you play and automatically creates drum and bass accompaniment. Pushing the Band Creator paradigm further, the TRIO+ allows you to loop your guitar parts and arrange custom looped sequences to create full songs on the fly! Loops can be recorded by themselves, operating just like a traditional looper, or along with the band. You can also apply built-in effects to your guitar signal by enabling the TRIO+'s Guitar FX button, or connect your favorite effects to the TRIO+'s FX Send and FX Return jacks. Additional features like Expanded Styles, Simplified Bass Modes and a Programmable Song Part Sequencer make the TRIO+ irresistible! Learn more at

New DOD Pedals

JamMan Vocal XT

TRIO Band Creator

Bass Whammy

This playlist is for the legendary DigiTech Bass Whammy. The Bass Whammy uses the most advanced pitch detection and polyphonic note tracking technology to create the world’s best pitch shifting effect pedal optimized for bass. With two different tracking modes, Classic and Chord, the Bass Whammy gives players the ability to recreate the shift glitch effects from the original or get the smooth pitch shift effect. Chord mode uses advanced polyphonic tracking algorithms for a more exact and smooth pitch shift effect while Classic maintains the tracking artifacts of the original Whammy. The Bass Whammy is true bypass, MIDI controllable, and uses a 9V DC power supply to easily integrate into your existing pedalboard.

Live Harmony

JamMan Solo XT

DigiTech on the Warped Tour 2012

Acoustic shows played on the DigiTech Truck at the Vans Warped Tour 2012.


Whammy DT

iPB-10 Programmable Pedalboard

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New RP1000 multi-effects system with effects switching. Use your amp and your own effects in addition to the RP1000

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