Advent Horizon

Advent Horizon is a high energy Progressive Rock band from Salt Lake City, Utah. Their music combines impressive instrumentation with catchy vocal patterns and a driving beat. The band is well known for their intense live performances, and their memorable original music which hits home with fans of Rush, Led Zeppelin and Coheed and Cambria. Frontman Rylee McDonald and Drummer Mike Lofgreen formed Advent Horizon in 2007, Driven by a love for Rush, Porcupine Tree, Led Zeppelin and Radiohead. Their goal was to create a new sound for Rock and roll – to bridge the gap between Progressive and popular music. To do this, they enlisted Cason Wood and Levi Benjamin Shell to play Bass and Guitar respectively. The bands first album, ‘Immured’, produced by Matt Winegar (primus, faith no more) was released in 2011. Immured was met with great reviews, and gained Advent Horizon a large following in Utah, and the western United States. The songs ‘Sky is Falling’ and ‘Justified’ received a good amount of radio airplay in Utah. In 2014, ‘Justified’ was the most requested song on Salt Lake City’s top Rock station KBER 101. The success of Immured laid the foundation for Advent Horizon’s next release “Stagehound”. This highly anticipated album showcases Rylee McDonalds unique vocal style, and features a more mature, timeless sound. Released on June 30th, 2015, Stagehound is currently available online through iTunes, Amazon and all other major music outlets.


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