JamMan Family

JamMan Solo

JamMan Stereo

JamMan Delay
On-Board Loop Memory 35 min. 35 min. stereo 35 min. stereo
On-Board Memory Slots 99 99 99
Optional Expansion Card SDHC SDHC SDHC
Expansion Loop
16 hrs. + 99 memory slots 16 hrs. + 99 memory slots 16 hrs. + 99 memory slots
Loop Ending Styles Stop Stop, End & Fade Stop, End & Fade
Time Stretching Yes Yes Yes
USB Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes
Power Supply Included Yes Yes Yes
CD-Quality Audio Yes Yes Yes
Auto Quantize Yes Yes Yes
Reverse Playback No Yes Yes
Loop Up & Down
No Yes Yes
Effects None None 20 sec. stereo delay
Delay Types None None 8
Delay Presets None None 3
Delay Sync to Loop No No Yes
Expression Input No No Yes

JamMan Demos more

Matt Calder gives a no-nonsense demo of the JamMan Solo
by DigiTechFX (7:27)
     DigiTech JamManager Software walkthrough
by DigiTechFX (6:58)

Looping Heritage

PDS 8000

When we developed the PDS 8000 looper pedal over twenty years ago, it looped eight seconds of audio. When we reinvented loopers in 2005 with the original JamMan®, over 6 hours worth of material could be stored on a removable media card.

NoSD Memory Slotw, DigiTech® has raised the bar again with the new JamMan Family of Loopers including the ability to store 35 minutes of CD-quality loops in 99 internal memories as well as having an SD memory  card expansion slot giving you the ability to store over 16 hours of material in an additional 99 slots.



USBThe JamMan Family of Loopers features USB connectivity and will sync to DigiTech's free JamManager™ software that organizes and saves your JamMan's loops to PC or Mac. The ability to save, to transfer, and to organize your loops using your computer takes the JamMan far beyond all other looping pedals. JamManager also lets you quickly create custom JamLists to take to your gig. Don't limit your looping and creativity to your looper's built-in memory.