Control 8 (discontinued)

Foot Controller

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The Control 8 from DigiTech is a user friendly MIDI foot controller with enhanced features over its predecessor, the Control 7. Still no programming necessary here. Just plug in, connect a MIDI cable and go.

The 7 foot switches can access any MIDI program on any MIDI channel. A built-in expression pedal can be assigned to any MIDI CC number for real time control of parameters.

Foot Switch Toggle CC mode changes the 5 program switches to send CC on/off (0/127) messages on different CC numbers to parameters. Very useful for toggling between 2 mapped parameter values or for toggling the On/Off parameters of effects in multi effects boxes and creating a stomp box mode that guitarists will find indisposable.

As are all DigiTech foot controllers, the Control 8 is housed in a rugged metal chassis and is much more compact and easy to transport from gig to gig than those other monstrous controllers available on the market.

The Control 8 MIDI Foot Controller is for the musician needing key performance features at a budget-conscious price.

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Control 8 FAQs

Is the Control 8 only for Guitar Applications?
Certainly not...while keyboard players enjoy the advantage of the sustain pedal (allowing them to do something *else* with their hands), their amy be times when using your feet would be better. One could change MIDI controllable lights, or even switch effects at the mixing console.
Can a Control 8 be used instead of a Control 1 with DigiTech Guitar Processors?
Yes, but the response time won't be quite as quick as a Control 1 because of the Control 1's proprietary communication methods.

Control 8 (discontinued)

Foot Controller


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