Jimi Hendrix Experience (discontinued)

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"You realize what a tremendous body of work Jimi has left behind. What we are doing here is taking a little piece of Jimi and putting it in a pedal that will stun the world." --Eddie Kramer

SEVEN Signature Tones that changed the world forever.

Eddie Kramer, Jimi's engineer at Olympic and Electric Lady Studio, was an essential part of the Hendrix sound. Who better to help recreate those timeless tones than the man who set up the original mics and ran the mixing board adding his own magic? Working with DigiTech and our proprietary Production Modeling technology, he helped rebuild each facet of Jimi's tone, from guitar effects and amp to the vintage outboard signal processors.

But it gets even better. Thanks to Eddie and the Hendrix family, we were able to use the original tapes as a reference source for our Production Modeling technology. The results of this once-in-a-lifetime project will amaze you when you hear the Jimi Hendrix Experience™ pedal.


Authentic Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix Experience ©2005 Authentic Hendrix LLC

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Power Consumption 4.5 Watts
Dimensions 10.14"(L) x 3.84"(W) x 2.47"(H)
Unit Weight 3.38 lbs.
Power Supply PS0913B



Jimi Hendrix Experience FAQs

How do I use the WAH?
WAH is only available when using Modal 5, Heel Mode 2 (Yellow LED) or Model 6, Toe Mode (Green LED) and Heel Mode 2 (Yellow LED).
Calibrating the Expression Pedal
1. Select Model 1 using the MODEL knob.
2. Press and hold the HEEL SWITCH for five seconds. The INDICATOR LED flashes green.
3. While the INDICATOR LED is flashing green, rock the
EXPRESSION PEDAL all the way forward (toe down).
4. Select Model 2 using the MODEL knob. The INDICATOR LED flashes yellow.
5. While the INDICATOR LED is flashing yellow, rock the EXPRESSION PEDAL all the way back (toe up).
6. Select Model 3 using the MODEL knob. The INDICATOR LED should flash green three times and then turn off, indicating the EXPRESSION PEDAL has been successfully calibrated.

Note: If the calibration procedure fails, the INDICATOR LED will flash red instead of green during step 6 and the unit will not return to normal operation until the EXPRESSION PEDAL has been properly calibrated. Select Model 1 using the MODEL knob at this time and repeat steps 3-6 until expression pedal calibration is successful.
Switching the Jimi Hendrix Experience
Place the Jimi Hendrix Experience pedal on a hard floor. Using your foot apply firm pressure to the TOE of the Pedal, the LED will light Green.
To activate heel mode, apply firm pressure to the HEEL of the pedal.

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