Quad 4 (discontinued)

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Buying one Quad4 is like buying 4 independent processors. Inside the Quad4 is a multi-effects processor that is multi- talented, and while most of us can't do more than one thing at a time, the Quad4 can do 4. Why did we put the power of 4 multi-effects processors into one unit? So you, too, would be able to do more than one thing at a time. The Quad4 features 4 completely independent inputs and outputs that give you the power of four independent mono processors or two true stereo processors. Imagine the power to process two true stereo sources simultaneously without sacrificing control.

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A/D Converter 20 bit, 128 x oversampled delta-sigma stereo
D/A Converter 20 bit 64 x oversampled delta-sigma stereo
Sampling Rate 44.1 kHz
Max Input +20 dBu
Input -10 dBV, +4 dBu, software variable
Max Output +19.5 dBu
Output -10dBV, +4 dBu switchable
Frequency Response Dry 20 Hz. - 20kHz. ┬▒5 dB
Signal to Noise Ratio 94 dB; ref = +4dBu, 22 kHz measurement bandwidth, unweighted
Preset Memory Factory: 100 Programs; User: 100 Programs
Power Consumption 30 watts
Dimensions 19" (482 mm) W x 3.50" (88 mm) H x 9.25" (234 mm) D
Unit Weight 10.25 lbs



Also available from worldwide distributors.