X-Edit v2.4.1 (Windows)

Last Updated: Aug 23, 2016

X-Edit for Windows® Release History
Version 1.0
Build: 1210
Developer: Josh Kapp
Release date: 4/25/03
Comments: Initial product release
Version 1.01
Build: 1220
Developer: Josh Kapp
Release date: 5/5/03
Comments: Minor bug fixes and UI performance improvements
Release Notes:
* Graphics rendering speed significantly improved
* Time required to destroy modified preset editor windows significantly improved
* Improvements to expression linking infrastructure
* Audio Setup panel USB trims go to +24dB instead of +25
* Minimized MDI windows no longer disappear behind status bar
* Correct control gets the focus again after editing parameter value in the parameter value text box
* Value in the parameter value text box is now correct when the window is activated
* App icon now shows up in program files menu and desktop shortcuts
* Handles the case where the default preset file (for New Preset command) is not found by creating a preset
with all params zeroed
* Knob indicators are better centered
* Fixed a bug causing expression display values to save incorrectly
* Added stylesheet reference to preset files for web browser display
* Current selection auto-scrolls to be visible in library tree
Version 1.1
Build: 1251
Developer: Josh Kapp
Release date: 6/5/03
Comments: Support for Vx400
Release Notes:
* Added support for Vx400 firmware version 1.0
* Editing of multiple simultaneous devices is supported
* Added device backup and restore (bulk dump) capability for all supported devices
Version 1.2
Build: 1594
Developer: Josh Kapp
Release date: 5/13/04
Comments: Support for GNX4
Release Notes:
* Now requires Microsoft .NET framework verson 1.1
* Added support for GNX4 firmware version 1.0
* Improved graphics for RPx400 and Vx400 editors Version 1.21 Build: 1609
Developer: Josh Kapp
Release date: 5/28/04
Comments: Various bug fixes and improvements
Release Notes:
* Fixed a bug causing communications corruption when sending data from a connected device (e.g., expression
pedal) while simultaneously sending data from X-Edit
* Improved handling of asynchronous communication exceptions to be more user friendly
* Fixed a bug causing Preset Level parameter to be omitted from preset save to file routine
* Corrected units in some GNX4 detune and reverb parameter displays
* Illegal characters are now filtered from preset file names
* Fixed bug causing GeNetX pane to activate when a preset is stored while effects pane is active
* Addressed several graphics issues related to large font mode compatibility
Version 1.3
RTM Build: 1.30.2034.27327
Developer: Josh Kapp
Release date: 7/27/2005
Comments: Added support for GNX3000, improved functionality and bug fixes
Release Notes:
* Added GNX3000 document, preset, device and UI classes.
* Fixed memory access violation causing C++ runtime library crash on XP SP2
* Updated and added amp and cabinet names
* Fixed access violation in communication DLL causing app to crash when corrupt MIDI messages were received
* Improved control hiliting for focused and mouse-over (hot) states
* Fixed bug in GNX4 and GNX3000 preset editors causing green amp channel to be shown selected regardless
of actual channel selection
* Fixed a bug causing text entry in parameter value text box to not update correctly when the active parameter’s
control doesn't have the focus
* Made parameter value text box left edge stick to parameter name right edge for better readability
* New ultra-sexy splash screen with disclaimer
* X-Edit icon now shows correctly for Desktop and Programs menu shortcuts
* Fixed version display in about dialog to account for GNX3 and RPx400 issues and updated to display firmware
prerelease versions correctly
* Lot's of minor graphics tweaks for focused and mouse-over control images for RPx400, Vx400, GNX4 and
* Expression min/max controls are now disabled when their corresponding assignment is set to no link (for all
supported products)
* Parameter displays and text entry now works for all supported products (was broken on RPX and VX in earlier
beta releases)
* About box now displays firmware versions for all products correctly
* Fixed a bug causing mouse buttons other than the left button to actuate the button w/o giving focus. Actuation
no longer occurs.
* Fixed a bug causing the horizontal slider to track the mouse position incorrectly.
* Windows common controls (tree view, buttons, etc) are now rendered with XP visual styles for machines with
themes turned on
* Fixed code related to dirty flags in presets and documents. If the preset becomes dirty the document is dirty
too. Saving clears only the document's dirty flag. Storing clears both.
* Fixed graphic for 3-position knobs (mod waveforms and compressor attack) for GNX3000GNX4
Version 1.31
RTM Build: 1.31.2109.17950
Developer: Josh Kapp
Release date: 10/10/2005
Comments: Improved functionality and bug fixes for multiple units
Release Notes:
Version 2.0
RTM Build: 2.0.2482.24487
Developers: Paul Faby, Josh Kapp
Release date: 10/18/2006
Comments: RP150 and RP250 support and primary UI redesign
Release Notes:
* Added docking windows support and rebuilt librarian window to use it
* Added modern toolbar and menu bar
* Added RP150 and RP250 device, preset, document and editor UI classes
* Added support for multiple simultaneous devices (and virtual devices) via tabbed UI pages
Version 2.1
RTM Build: 2.0.2482.24487
Developers: Ryan Clifford, Josh Kapp
Release date: 10/18/2006
Comments: RP150 and 350 support and modern user interface design
Release Notes:
* Added RP150 and 350device, preset, document and editor UI classes
* Fixed various minor issues with RP250 editor
Version 2.2
RTM Build:
Developers: Ryan Clifford, Josh Kapp
Release date: 10/18/2006
Comments: GSP1101 support
Release Notes:
* Added GSP1101 device, preset, document and editor UI classes
* Fixed various minor issues with RP150, RP250 and RP350 editors
* Provided partial updates to RPx400, Vx400, GNX3000 and GNX4 editors for modern docking interface
* Added Windows Vista support for GSP1101 and partial support for earlier products
Version 2.3
RTM Build:
Developers: Ryan Clifford, Josh Kapp
Release date: 10/8/2007
Comments: Full Windows Vista support and enhanced librarian functionality
Release Notes:
* Various updates and tweaks for Windows Vista
* Added drag/drop and copy/cut/paste to librarian (drag/drop requires firmware updates for RPx400, Vx400,
GNX3000 and GNX4)
* Added edit menu
* Fixed minor issues with control focus and window activation
Version 2.4.1
RTM Build:
Developers: Ryan Clifford, Josh Kapp
Release date: 4/16/2008
Summary: Bug fixes
Release Notes:
* Fixed issue with window location not being remembered between application instantiations
* Fixed issue with presets not being accurate after restoring a backup to a unit

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