DOD Compressor 280 : Better Leads, Funky Rhythms!

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Subscribe: Enjoy some cool tips & tricks with the DOD Compressor 280 Pedal. Some uses include: - Better, more articulate soloing. - Better, more funky rhythms. - Keep the sound guy happy by controlling your overall levels, no matter how funky, or how hard you hit your strings! Hope you dig the video! Enjoy & ROCK ON! ALL THINGS TTK: ENJOY! FACEBOOK (behind the scenes stuff) TWITTER (get instant updates!) GOOGLE+ PAGE (youtube updates) GOOGLE+ PROFILE (website updates) MAIN WEBSITE (giveaways, news and more!) (yellow subscribe button ~ top right keeps you up to date) FORUM (ask me anything here) TTK LIVE WEBCASTS: (last Friday of every month). SUBSCRIBE to my YOUTUBE Channel here: or here : TTK STAFF T-SHIRTS & GUITAR PICKS