DOD Compressor 280

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Buy Now: DOD's original Compressor 280 was a simple, great-sounding compressor pedal that was widely revered for its ease of use and warm, analog comp tones. Now the classic has returned, retaining the same great tone and intuitive controls as the original 280, but with a few key improvements for the modern pedalboard pilot. The new reissue is built around the same electro-optical compression circuitry as the vintage models, with straightforward controls for compression amount and output level. These controls allow you to get everything from subtle, transparent leveling at the lowest settings, to aggressive dynamic range squash and clean, endless sustain at higher settings. Improvements to the new Compressor 280 include true bypass switching, for keeping your bypassed tone pristine, an eye-catching bright blue status LED, and a modern, industry standard 9-Volt DC power jack for easily integrating the DOD Compressor 280 into your existing pedalboard.​

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