Digitech iStomp Guitar Effects Pedal with iPhone app Review

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http://www.digitech.com The new iStomp, first impression demo. Just plugged and rocked! Thought it was very cool. Could be a very useful studio tool, as well as just a creative juice instigator. The pedals all sound very much like the real thing. This particular demo is just the camera mic, but I'll do more with the amp mic'd up and different pickup configurations. For $149, plus an average of 5-10 bucks a pedal, it's a very cool way to add a bunch of effects into your aresenal without breaking the bank. You can only use one at a time, but once you've got the one you want loaded into the pedal, you can unplug the phone or iPad and it will stay there forever...until you plug your phone back in and change the effect.