Digitech Ventura Vibe

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Buy Now: https://goo.gl/ziv4qe Today, we're checking out the Ventura Vibe, by Digitech. The Ventura leaves no stone unturned in its quest for pristine vibe sounds, and it features three modes to help you on your journey: Vintage, Modern and Rotary. Each mode is governed by five controls: Depth, Mix, Speed and a stacked control consisting of Tone and a unique Drive control, which controls how much grit gets into the signal. The Vintage mode is based off a Uni-Vibe, with more control than Shin-Ei ever intended. The middle position is a straight-forward modern pitch vibrato, with the ability to range from slight undulation to full-on seasick vertigo. Rotary mode gives players a very convincing Leslie tone, and the addition of the drive knob acts as the tube amp gain on an old Leslie cabinet. Each mode can be ramped up or down by holding and releasing the footswitch, drastically expanding the functionality without the use of any bulky expression pedals. The Ventura also features true stereo ins and outs for full integration into any rig, high internal voltage (headroom) and true bypass switching.

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