Klon Centaur vs Bad Monkey: Sadie presents.

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*UPDATE, JAN 2013* This video sounds veritably crap compared to the standards I can achieve today. So I apologise in retrospect. However, I don't have another Klon to reshoot so I'll gladly accept any donations to help achieve the same. Thanks. Original post, Oct 4, 2009: I made the clip not to be nasty (I would always prefer a Klon if I could afford it) but to show that you can approximate a sound if you try hard enough. The Klon has a gorgeous clean boost that can in no way be rivaled by the Bad Monkey, but the Bad Monkey may satisfy people's dirt needs. Your call. YouTube compression doesn't help much but it will put you in the ballpark. I used my Telecaster with Brierley's pickups. The Tele ran to the Bad Monkey, then to the Klon. The Klon ran to the Clean channel of my Laney VC50 which is loaded with Greenbacks. A Violet Audio 'The Amethyst' did the microphone honours and Logic recorded it via an M-Audio ProFire 610 interface. Enjoy.