Digitech RP1000

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Buy Now: https://goo.gl/24gz3Z Digitech RP1000 - The Digitech RP1000 is the next generation in amp and stompbox modeling. Not only does the RP1000 feature tons of excellent, high quality amp and stompbox models to choose from, it also has an external switching loop to switch the pedals you already own. Integration and versatility are key these days, thats why Digitech built the RP-1000 to integrate perfectly into any rig and be more versatile than most people thought possible. The Digitech RP1000 features a fully functional Whammy, looper, and harmonizer as well as pedalboard control over the effects in any preset. Bypass the amp/cabinet simulators to just use the effects and preserve your own amplifier tone. The Digitech RP1000 features over 160 effects, 200 presets (100 factory, 100 user), a switchable amp loop, a phrase looper, Whammy, wahs, up to 5 seconds of delay time, and models of some of the most infamous amplifiers throughout history. With the Digitech RP1000 anything is possible (including great tone from a digital modeler) and nothing will stand in your way of sounding great, all the time.

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