Digitech Luxe Polyphonic Detune

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Buy Now: https://goo.gl/BWLpx3 The new Digitech Luxe takes the legendary polyphonic detune effect from the Whammy pedal and puts it in a compact, standalone enclosure. The Luxe's wide-ranging detune capabilities offer much of the same enhancement of tonal depth, width, and harmonics as a good chorus pedal, but without the overbearing modulated side effects. Whether playing clean or heavily distorted, single notes or chords, the Digitech Luxe adds thickness and shimmer without burying your sound in a wash of effects. Its pair of controls offers great ease of use, with a Level knob for controlling the mix of effect and dry signal, and the Detune knob controlling the detune amount from minus fifty to plus fifty cents. Other features of the Luxe include Digitech's new, ultra-sleek enclosure, an included power supply, and true bypass switching for maintaing ultimate signal integrity.​

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