Popular techniques with the Whammy Ricochet

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Drawing on nearly 30 years of pitch shifting excellence, the Digitech Whammy Ricochet combines all of the legendary sounds of all 5 Whammy product generations into a single, compact and pedalboard friendly format. Footprint has been reduced by replacing the expression-pedal control style with a simple Momentary footswitch design with some clever ballistics controls. To prove the Whammy legacy is still very much alive in this new enclosure design, Elliott Thomas of DigiTech’s UK distributor Sound Technology Ltd demonstrates all of the classic Whammy tones as well as some new and unique pitch-shifting options that the Whammy Ricochet brings to the table. For more information about the Digitech Ventura Vibe, please visit the Digitech website:http://digitech.com/en/products/whammy-ricochet

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