The Future of Music Creation, Collaboration and Commerce Part 4

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In the 4th and final part of this video series, the panel wraps up discussing revenue, publishing and promotional value aspects of making music, monetizing music, bands working with brands and pushing the limits of creativity through technology in music. Over the past 25 years, we've seen recording move from the professional studio to the project studio, from the project studio to the home, and the home to the mobile device. At the same time, we’ve seen radical shifts in the monetization of music and surrounding industries. On this panel, we will explore what is next for the creator, the developer and the marketplace. Presenter: Gregory Butler (Moderator) Day: Thursday, Jan 22, 2015 Panel: Vicky Camera - (VP of Music Industry & Artist Relations, ReverbNation), Bruce Flohr (Red Light Management), Doug Peeler (Audio Architecture and Strategy [Office of the CTO], Dell), Sulinna Ong-Orpheus (CMO, WholeWorldBand), Michael Molenda (Editor-in-Chief, Guitar Player Magazine) and Peter Lupini (Technology Development Manager, HARMAN Canada)

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