DigiTech SDRUM

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Buy Now: https://goo.gl/kfs7Qq Welcome to ProGuitarShop and ToneReport.com. Today, we’re keeping time with the SDRUM, from DigiTech. The SDRUM (pronounced Strum) is the world’s first intelligent drum machine for guitarists, that puts the power of the skins in your hands. By entering a rudimentary beat using only your guitar strings, you can leave it to the SDRUM to generate complex rhythms and grooves, then store it to any one of 36 onboard song presets. Utilizing DigiTech’s BeatScratch technology, you can very quickly teach a foundational drum pattern to the SDRUM just by scratching (muted strumming) your guitar’s strings, and then the SDRUM does the rest by filling in the cracks with tasteful grooves complete with embellishments and accents. These high-quality, stereo drum loops are rich, full-sounding drum samples across five different kits. The SDRUM is compatible with DigiTech’s JamSync, which lets you synchronize the SDRUM with your JamMan looper for a full-fledged performance combo. The SDRUM also supports DigiTech’s FS3X footswitch for even more control, letting you control the tempo, fills and other parameters remotely. The SDRUM also features stereo mixer outs so you can send your drum-enhanced rig straight into the console, while your guitar goes right to your amp. Plus a couple soft-touch pads let you tap in the beat if you’re not playing a guitar, making the SDRUM a true performance device for players of all stripes.

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