another 3 rock progressions with the TRIO

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Marc Cooper was asked to do some heavier rock grooves using the Digitech TRIO pedal. If you are watching for the first time the TRIO Band Creator is a new pedal that LEARNS what you are playing and then on completion of your progression creates a bass and drum part so that guitarist to get to practice playing guitar in a trio environment. It's also great if you are writing music and want to know what it could possibly feel like BEFORE you work with an actual bassist and drummer. Great for pre-production before going into a studio. In this video Coop decided to get the TRIO to learn three different progressions. Since the TRIO learns the number of bars, the key, the chords, the tempo, and the timing... it does it by the time you are finishing your progression. So Coop got the TRIO to learn the 2nd and 3rd parts and stored them into the TRIO minutes before this video was started. This way when the video started he could just lay down the first part and then use a Digitech FS3X pedal to switch through the three parts or vary the groove and bass parts. The Digitech TRIO has 7 genres you can choose from: Blues, Pop, Alt Rock, Rock, Country, RnB, and Jazz. Each genre has 12 variations that you can switch through that changes the bass and drums either subtly or very dramatically, without changing your progression. The Rock genre was used for this video. The three parts can be very similar (think verse, chorus, and bridge), or like this video, the parts can be in different keys, different tempos, different variations of the bass and drums parts... All in all, this pedal is a real blast to work around with. The NAMM organizers announced our Sunday January 25, 2015 that the Digitech TRIO had won BEST IN SHOW Category #4 for the most innovative product. Well deserved Digitech.... it's a very fun practice tool that guitarists will enjoy for a long time.

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