DigiTech Vocalist Live Harmony featuring Ryan Innes

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Amazing artist Ryan Innes performs "Love You Now" showcasing the DigiTech® Vocalist Live Harmony. The Live Harmony instantly adds up to two separate harmonies to your vocals, transforming your vocal performances into harmony-filled masterpieces! It also features: • Up to 2 additional voices of natural harmonies • Gold Channel global channel strip for a solid sonic foundation • musIQ™, the most advanced pitch detection technology • Lexicon® Reverb • dbx® Compression • Doubling, Delays and Special FX • Live Adapt™ Effects Control • Advanced Feedback Suppression • Sound Check phrase repeater for dialing in vocal effects • Set List - preset arrangement feature • 70 second vocal phrase looper with unlimited overdubs • Phantom Power • Built-in guitar tuner • Power supply included Learn more about the Live Harmony at http://digitech.com/products/live-harmony