Review: DigiTech RP360 XP EN

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The Digitech RP360 XP is an extensive yet user­friendly multi­effect pedal for guitar. In this video, product specialist Noah Grim demonstrates a number of the compact Digitech RP360 XP's features. This pedal offers more than 160 effects, comprised of 55 amp models, 27 cabinets and 85 simulations of the world's most famous pedal effects. You can use up to eight different effects simultaneously. The RP360 XP is identical to the RP360, except that it has an integrated expression pedal that can be used as a volume pedal as well as a wah wah pedal. It comes with 99 professional preprogrammed presets so you can get started right away, and there is also room for 99 user presets. Besides an unbelievable number of effects, the Digitech RP360 XP also features a 40­second looper, as well as a USB port, a digital tuner, a headphone jack, and 60 built­in drum tracks. Finally, you'll find a convenient Sound Check option that allows you to record a bit of your guitar playing and then loop it, so you can perfect your sound. You can find more information about this product at: Visite us at: Follow us at: Facebook: Twitter: Google Plus: Instagram: Youtube:

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