DOD Envelope Filter 440

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Buy Now: DOD's modern reissue of the Envelope Filter 440 preserves the quick, funky attack of the original analog circuit while giving today's guitarist more options and improved tone preservation. This simple filter starts with the level knob which adjust the sensitivity of the envelope and allows the 440 to adapt to a wide range of instruments and playing styles. Leave is back to add a subtle color sweep to chords or hit the threshold for classic quack and auto wah tones. The voice of the effect is also influenced by the Range control which sets the width of the sweep, allowing emphasis of low mid or high frequencies to match whatever instrument you plug in. Taking this classic pedal further, DOD has added an up/down switch to change the direction of the envelope. Reversing the effect can maintain the low end of a bass or gives your guitar a synth-like attack. Like all of DOD's recent reissues, the Envelope Filter 440 is wired for true bypass, accepts a standard 9V DC adapter or battery and can be seen easily on stage with its bright blue status LED.