Specular Boneshaking - Boneshaker Distortion & Specular² Reverb with ESP Stef T7

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http://www.gfisystem.com/stompbox/specular-reverb/ http://digitech.com/en/products/boneshaker http://www.espguitars.com/products/8528-stef-t7b http://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/amplitube/ WARNING: This video is fairly nice and sedate up until 1:38 which is when I engage the Boneshaker. At that point please be prepared for your speakers to take a serious hiding if you have the volume up. You have been warned. Once again, the late night urge (and the only time I get to make videos these days) overtook me. This time I teamed up my all-time favourite 7 string, the masterbuilt ESP Stef T7, with the beyond-cool GFI System Specular² Reverb and DOD Boneshaker, a distortion designed by Tom and the team at DOD in collaboration with the Blackarts crew. It kicks serious butt with low end and extended range instruments. Making videos late at night with this sort of gear threatens to annoy the neighbours (especially at the volumes I prefer) so I opted for a couple of nice clean but virtual Super Reverb amps that I built in IK Multimedia's Amplitube 3, amp-sim software that is still the benchmark as far as I'm concerned. I'll upload the preset for anyone who's interested in trying it for themselves. There are two instances of the amp, one each for left and right outputs of the Specular² Reverb. The Specular² Reverb has two 'atmospheres' - green and red. Each atmosphere features three special reverb algorithms as well as a standard reverb making a total of six cool reverb effects plus the standard reverb. Shimmer, tremolo, modulated, echo, etc., are all on tap and you can store your own settings in eight presets. In this video I move randomly through a few algorithms and leave you guessing which is which. There are many cool features in the Specular² Reverb but mostly it just sounds amazing. It's easily up there with the best. GFI System currently offer three pedals including this one, a delay and a multi-effect modulator. All will be demoed at length on this channel in the coming weeks. Guitar: ESP Stef T7 Amps: 2 x custom Super Reverbs built in Amplitube 3 Extra effects: GFI System Specular² Reverb and DOD Boneshaker Distortion Cables: Providence Mic: N/A Camera : Canon 60D (me) and iPhone 6 Plus (pedals) Soundcard: AVID Mbox Pro 3 Computer: Apple iMac 27" i7 3.4 GHz 16 GB RAM Software: Pro Tools 11, Waves L316 Limiter (to keep levels in check at output), Apple Final Cut Pro X (video editing and Youtube compression).