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Looking For You I am the one who’s been looking for you all of this time, all of this time… Hide and I will find you When and where and why Try to memorize your eyes The likeness of your smile Where you go I follow Here and there and now All your life, you’re waiting Love and peace and song You are all I see so why can’t you see me? I am the one who’s been looking for you all of this time, all of this time… 'Looking For You' my CD 'IDIO' - To demonstrate the versatility and functions of the Digitech JamMan Solo XT loopers, I shot and edited this video of my song "Looking For You" in 'tutorial captioned style' Please consider purchasing my CD, IDO, which features this song and 15 other songs recorded using a single JamMan Solo. CD's and downloads are at - downloads are also on iTunes, Amazon, etc. You can sample some cuts from my new CD by finding me on SoundCloud ( or ReverbNation ( There are many advantages that the JamMan loopers offer that are not available on other loopers. One of those is the ability to 'save' a loop to an onboard (or SD card) memory slot WHILE the looper is playing back. Other loopers that allow saving require the looper playback be stopped in order to save. This is a major function folks - and currently, only Digitech offers it. Using 5 JamMan Solo XT's sync'd allows more flexibility and options than can be demonstrated in one song, so I plan to be posting vids that feature various ways that sync'd XT's can empower the user. In this song, the Main XT receives it's input signal from the FX send of the mixer, with its output routed back to an input channel on the mixer (as opposed to using the fx return). This Main looper can therefore receive any or all channels via the FX level setting per channel. In this song, only the guitar is sent to the main looper - - - at least until the 'backwards' section... The Slave XT's all receive their signals direct (in-line) from their respective instruments and then send their output to that respective channel on the mixer. In other words, the guitar, the vocals, the drums and the midi guitar pedal all have their own XT's - and all are sync'd to the main looper. Using an FS3X 3 button switch at each looper gives the ability to stop (with one tap), or go up or down in the memory 'slots'. The XT's have 200 onboard memory slots and and additional 200 on the MicroSD card. Each loop can be up to ten minutes long and can have unlimited overdubs. Slaves do not start immediately when tapped, they either record or playback (after you tap it) on the next phrase start (on the 'one). Once a slave is in playback mode, overdubbing is instantaneous with the foot tap. It should also be noted that I have made a simple modification to my JamMan's that allow saving to be done with the foot. Thanks for watching! Everybody must get looped! From the CD, IDIO, by Rejyna c. Rejyna Douglass-Whitman (BMI) Published by W.E./Citadel of Cynosure Productions (BMI). All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized duplication, repurposing, exhibition or performance is prohibited by US and international copyright laws.

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