Digitech 20th Anniversary Chrome Whammy Pedal

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www.ProGuitarShop.com - 20 years ago Digitech created a pedal so iconic, unique, and extraordinary, that it became a staple on pedal boards everywhere. The Digitech Whammy Pedal is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a completely limited and sleek design -- all chrome. This is an incredibly cool and innovative design for the Whammy Pedal, and one that completely fits in with its futuristic and revolutionary sounds. This edition is hand numbered and hand signed. The Digitech Whammy Pedal limited edition in chrome gives you the same spine chilling dive-bomb effects, startling pitch ends, and rapid harmony shifts. This edition of the Whammy Pedal also has full MIDI connectivity for sending and receiving pitch bending information. This is the pedal to get this year. - http://proguitarshop.com/store/effects-multi-effects-pedals-digitech-multi-effects-pedals-c-602_13_266/digitech-20th-anniversary-chrome-whammy-pedal-limited-edition-p-1999

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