DigiTech Nautila (demo)

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My demo of the DigiTech Nautila Chorus/Flanger! http://digitech.com/en-US "Sing a song of stormy oceans and float upon the calming seas with the Nautila Chorus/Flanger. Create never before heard tidal swirls or soothing rhythmic waves with the Voice and Drift controls. These controls allow you to add up to eight chorus or four flanger voices and then blend and morph the waveforms in real-time with the Drift knob. Alter the modulation speed in real-time by holding down the momentary footswitch and then release to continue on your voyage through the currents." Guitar: Fano PX6 Amp. Tone King 20th Anniversary Imperial Cables: Toaster Cables - http://www.toastercables.com/ Patch cables: Mulder Audio - http://www.mulderaudio.com/ Contact: livingroomgear@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/livingroomgear https://twitter.com/livingroomgear http://instagram.com/livingroomgeardemos http://ask.fm/livingroomgear http://livingroomgeardemos.tumblr.com

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