DigiTech Obscura delay pedal audio demo from Sound Technology

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DigiTech Obscura altered delay pedal sound samples by Jon Barnes of UK distributor Sound Technology Ltd Demo 1: Obscura's Analog Delay - Classic sound of a vintage bucket brigade analogue delay circuit Demo 2: Obscura's Tape Delay - Emulates a classic tube tape echo Demo 3: Obscura's Lo-Fi Delay - A low-fidelity delay that has limited bandwidth and reduced bit-depth to approximate the low sample rate and 8-bit signal processing used in vintage digital delays Demo 4: Obscura's Reverse Delay - A delay where the repeats are played backwards Demo 5: Obscura's Analogue Delay - Analogue delay with high repeats and degradation Find out more at: https://www.soundtech.co.uk/music-retail/digitech/new-digitech-compact-pedals/obscura