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GeNeTX™ technology gives you the ability to "warp" the characteristics of any 2 amp and cabinet models into a completely new "Hypermodel." Now you have the ability to create an entirely new amp/cabinet combination that is uniquely your own.

To make this incredible tone shaping power even more flexible we have included Distortion Stompbox modeling. 10 of the most popular distortion stompboxes can be used in conjunction with any of the models and hypermodels, making the GNX2™ the most complete guitar processing system to date.

For individuals into digital recording, the GNX2™ provides an S/PDIF digital output allowing direct connectivity to these devices. You may no longer need outboard effects processing with an extensive library of studio quality effects including the Talker™, giving your guitar the ability to literally "say" what's on its mind. The GNX2™ has 64 user and 64 factory presets as well as Learn-A-Lick™ and Rhythm Trainer practice tools.



  Version Language Size Uploaded
GNX2 Manual do Usuário-English   en  6,2 MB 11 de Novembro
GenEdit 1.61A    6,16 MB 23 de Agosto
GNX2 Firmware Updater 1.3    462 KB 22 de Agosto
Preset Converter 3.0    5,25 MB 23 de Agosto

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A/D/A 24 bit
Taxa de Amostragem 44.1 kHz
Seção DSP Dual Audio DNA™ DSP architecture
Resposta de Frequência Dry 20 Hz. -- 20 kHz. +0, -3 dB
Signal to Noise Ratio > 97dB; ref = max signal, 22kHz measurement bandwidth.
Memória Preset 64 Factory Presets, 64 User Presets
Consumo de energia 23 watts
Dimensões Length 17.5" Width 9" Height 3"
Peso unitário 7.8 lbs.



Can you make a hypermodel from a hypermodel?
Yes, you can. Once you have created a hypermodel, it can now be selected as either a red or green amp and combined with another amp to create a second generation hypermodel.
Why is modeling cool?
Modeling gets you as close to the sound of your favorite amp without actually having to own one, thus saving you thousands of dollars and lots of space.
How is modeling limited?
Modeling is essentially an endpoint. Any given amp model offers a specific sound
with limited control over that sound.
Do GENETX products still do modeling?
Yes, they do. Each GENETX product has factory based models of popular modern and vintage amplifiers.
What does the Warp control do?
The Warp control allows you to combine the characteristics of any two amp models in varying ratios. This resultant ratio can then be saved off as a new hypermodel.
How many hypermodels can I save?
The GNX 1 allows you to save off 9 user hypermodels within the GNX1's internal memory with the GENEDIT Computer Editor Libarian software you can save off as many hypermodels as your hard drive will allow. These can then be imported to the GNX as needed.
Isn't Warp just pan or a crossfade?
No, warping extracts the characteristics of each amp and combines the two into a completely new sound. Whereas panning or crossfading simply increases the level of one while decreasing the level of the other, while not actually combining their actual characteristics.
What is cabinet tuning?
Cabinet tuning is as if you actually changed the size of the cabinet and speaker system's physical dimensions, making it larger or smaller. This changes a cabinet's response and resonance characteristics.
Can a I warp between 2 amps in real time?
Yes, This can be done either via the expression pedal, internal LFOs, or MIDI CC control. There are three different ways you can warp: you can either warp between amp models only; you can warp between speaker cabinets only; or warp between amp/cabinet combinations.
How does the GNX differ from the Genesis?
The GNX is designed primarily as a live performance system and the GENESIS 3 is designed primarily for recording. Although the GENESIS 3, with the optional foot controller, can be used for live performance as well.
Can I use Genetx products as a multi-effects?
Yes, every GENETXs product is equipped with a vast library of studio quality effects.
When I create a hypermodel does it sound good?
We're confident that the combination of any two amp models will produce exciting new sounds and we absolutely encourage you to experiment. We also invite you to join our online community of users in sharing your creations with others.
After downloading updated firmware, my unit shows "TOE DOWN" in the display, what do I do now?
TOE DOWN represents a prompt to calibrate the pedal. Rock the expression pedal all the way in the forward position and press the footswitch that is flashing, (On GNX2 this is the EFFECT footswitch, on GNX3 it is the CHORUS footswitch) The diplay will show "TOE UP" Rock the exression pedal back towards you and press the lit footswitch (Delay) It now shows VSWITCH, push the pedal forward and put pressure on the toe, then back the pedal off again.
How do I connect my GNX through the effects loop of my amp if I only want to use effects and not amp modeling?
To connect via effects loop, connect the send of the loop to he guitar input of the GNX, and connect the left 1/4 inch output of the GNX to the return of the amp.

Next, select a preset on the GNX, and in that preset put the amp model and the cabinet model on DIRECT. Press the Utility Button, go to the target system, and put that on DIRECT or FX4x12.

Next, press the MODE switch until it is lit yellow. In this mode, your numbered footswitches will act as on/off switches for the various effects written above them such as delay. You will still need to go into the preset and adjust the effect the way you want, such as chorus speed or depth.

GNX2 (Descontinuado)

Guitar workstation