RP150 (Descontinuado)

Processador de Guitarra de Modelagem

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Play. Rock. Live.

Play.The RP150 guitar multi-effect processor gives you your favorite core tones along as well as helps you invent new ones. Choose from over 70 stompboxes, amps, effects and cabinets all arranged in easy to dial up tone and effect libraries. The RP150 also features USB jack for both editing presets and 2 x 2 streaming to your favorite recording DAW.

Rock. When on stage, the RP150 allows you to easily make sonic leaps from preset to preset consisting of brilliant, clear, cleans to your favorite overdriven stacks with just the touch of a footswitch. There's no need for multiple taps to turn effects on and off and to change amp channels! Need a different amp for the bridge, create a new preset with the amp and tone you need to easily fill that sonic void. Express yourself without limitations.

Live. Whether you play rock, jazz, blues to full blown metal, the RP150 has the tones for you. Music is the key to happiness, play to live, live to play. The RP150 is the tool to help you find your inner rock star.

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A/D/A 24-bit high performance audio
Taxa de Amostragem 44.1 kHz
Seção DSP AudioDNA2™ DSP Processor
Efeitos Simultâneos 11
Memória Preset 50 User Presets (1-50) / 50 Factory Presets (51-00)
Máquina de Bateria 60 Patterns
Dimensões 10 5/8" Length x 8 3/4" Width x 2 5/8" Height
Peso unitário 3.2 lbs.
Tipo de USB Type B, supports USB1.1 Full Speed (12 Mbps Bandwidth USB 2.0 compatible)
Fonte de Alimentação PS0913B



RP150 FAQs

RP150 Control In
You need a passive volume pedal, I recommend the Ernie Ball VP JR passive volume pedal, but any passive volume pedal will work.

Connect the Guitar to the RP150 input.

Connect the output of the RP150 to your amplifier.

Connect the output of the passive volume pedal to the Control In on the RP150. Use a standard tip sleeve guitar cord between the Volume Pedal output and the RP150 Control In.

By default the Volume pedal will control the Volume.

To control the WAH with the volume pedal:

Press the edit down button to highlight WAH
Press the Tone Library (Push on/off) to turn the WAH on.

Press Store twice to save the changes.

RP150 (Descontinuado)

Processador de Guitarra de Modelagem


Also available from Distribuidores pelo mundo distributors.