Scott Ian Black-13 (Descontinuado)

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Quite Possibly the Seven most Irreverent Tones Ever Modeled.

Scott Ian delivers bone-crushing rhythms and some of the most scorching riffs ever nailed into a fretboard.

Now Scott's teamed up with DigiTech® to unleash Black-13™, a stompbox that lets guitarists dial up his signature sounds, giving Anthrax and metal fans all the blistering tone they can handle.

Plug into the Black-13™ pedal, select a tone, and shred. Your playing goes in, Scott Ian's tones come out. Redo your favorite Anthrax song, or write a new one. It's your pedal. It's your guitar. And now it's Scott Ian's historic metal tones. The tones that built a legend.



Fonte de Alimentação DigiTech PS200R or 9V Alkaline Dry Battery
Consumo de energia 0.75 Watts (w/PS200R power supply)
Tempo de vida da bateria Approximately 4 hours (with continuous usage)
Dimensões 4 15/16"(L) x 3 1/8"(W) x 2 1/8"(H)
Peso unitário 2 lbs.


Scott Ian Black-13 (Descontinuado)


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