X-Edit Intel v2.5 (Intel Mac OS X)

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: X-Edit v2.5.2 (Mac OS X (Intel)). ×

Last Updated: 22 de Agosto

Note: If you plan on using X-Edit 2.5 with your RP1000, you must save your presets first and use NetUpdater to update your RP1000 firmware to Version 1.1. Follow the instructions outlined on the Install X-Edit 2.5 tab.

Editor/Librarian software for editing and archiving your product's presets.

ATTENTION:  X-Edit 2.5 can be used with RP1000 firmware Ver.1.0 to backup presets individually to your hard drive.  Once X-Edit is downloaded and installed, it is recommended that you save each preset separately to your computer.  Please see below for this procedure.


One your presets are saved, you should then run the NetUpdater application to update your RP1000 firmware to the latest release.  Once your RP1000 is updated, you can then use X-Edit to restore each preset individually back into your RP1000. 

Note: Running NetUpdater before saving your presets to your computer will result in losing all your user preset data permanently.

Install X-Edit 2.5 application by following these steps:

  1. Double-click the X-Edit 2.5 PPC/Intel.dmg file that was downloaded. A window titled X-Edit 2 will open.
  2. Double-click the X-Edit 2.5 PPC/Intel icon in this window to launch the installer.
  3. Follow the instructions to install the X-Edit 2.5.0 application.

Once installed you can launch the X-Edit 2.5 Editor/Librarian to backup your presets by double-clicking it's icon in your Applications folder and following this procedure:

  1. Launch X-Edit.
  2. Click on the User preset in the librarian view to select it to save to your hard drive.  Its settings should appear in the editor panel.
  3. Select File>Save As from the file menu.  When the dialog opens, save the preset to a location on your hard drive.  Follow steps 2 and 3 again until all User presets you want to restore later are saved to your computer
  4. Once your presets are backed up, follow the instructions outlined in the 3. Run NetUpdater tab of this web page to update your RP1000 to the latest firmware.  Once this is complete, continue with step 5 to restore your presets.
  5. Launch X-Edit.
  6. Select File>Open from the file menu.  When the dialog opens, locate a preset and click Open.
  7. Once a preset is opened and its settings appear in the Editor panel, select  Device>Store Preset from the file menu.  In the dialog, select the User preset memory location where you want to store the recovered preset in the RP1000.  Repeat steps 6 and 7 until all presets have been restored.

Once you have updated to firmware 1.2 and restored all your User presets, you can now use X-Edit's editor and Backup/Restore features.